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Why These Fragrances are special ?

Step into a world of unparalleled elegance with Al-Baghdaad’s Top Quality (Extrait De parfum) Fragrances. Crafted to meet the stringent standards of the International Fragrance Association, each scent in our premium collection is a masterpiece of perfumery artistry. Since 1997, our fragrances have been synonymous with sophistication in Pakistan, offering long-lasting, skin-friendly aromas that captivate and enchant. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each bottle is not just a fragrance, but an experience of utmost supremacy, blending tradition with innovation for the discerning individual. Choose Al-Baghdaad’s top-tier scents for an exquisite, lasting impression that embodies luxury and class.

Each AL-BAGHDAAD fragrance has a unique olfactive profile, rich in natural ingredients sourced from across the globe which create captivating, lingering aromas.

What IS Extrait de parfum ?

Extrait De Parfum Is The Highest Concentration Of Natural Perfume Extracts. Usually Contains Between 20% To 40% Fragrance Oils, Which Is Significantly Higher Than Eau De Parfum Or Eau De Toilette.

No Other Perfume Can Be As Subtle, Long-Lasting And Skin Friendly As Extrait De Parfum And Nor Can Be Wafting From The Wearer. Extrait De Parfum Generally Considered To Be Of Higher Quality Due To The Intensity And Depth Of Their Scent Profiles.

Extrait De Parfum Is Typically More Expensive Than Less Concentrated Forms Of Fragrances. This Is Due To The Higher Concentration Of Fragrance Oils And Often More Luxurious Packing.

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