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Al-Baghdaad’s talented team is very thankful to Almighty Allah being Pakistan’s ancient and most esteemed perfume brand, crafting an unparalleled fragrance experience since 1997. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to quality have made us a leading choice among perfume enthusiasts

Here’s why we stand out from the crowd:

IFRA Standards Compliant: Al-Baghdaad adheres to the highest industry standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), ensuring that our fragrances are not only captivating but also safe for your skin.

Superior Quality: Our imperial perfume brand is synonymous with superior quality. Every fragrance we create is a masterpiece, offering subtlety, skin-friendliness, and longevity that will leave a lasting impression.

Crafted Fragrances: Our fragrances carefully chosen across the globe make you enjoy the luxurious experience you ever had. Each Al-Baghdaad fragrance has a unique olfactive profile, rich in natural ingredients which create captivating, lingering aromas.

Customized Gifting For Your Loved Ones: Make unforgettable memories by selecting Al-Baghdaad’s personalized gift options. We can make your events more charming with the right design to your soulful personality and sharing your happiness with your loved ones with their own names.

Choose Al-Baghdaad and experience the difference that over two decades of dedication to quality and excellence can make. Elevate your senses, enhance your charm and indulge in the luxurious world of Al-Baghdaad fragrances.

Pakistan's ancient perfume brand

Al-Baghdad is Pakistan's oldest perfume brand which opened its online store first in Pakistan.

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We are provide fastest delivery service in all over pakistan.